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    I have to log in and out multiple times before I can post in the forums and on the blogs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mnmemily15 View Post
    Does anyone else have the problem that their "most popular names today" list is never updating. My list has been frozen for like a week now with Finn, Hudson, Sirius, River, Arria, Arabella (etc.) as the most popular. I tried to wait a while to make sure they weren't just being searched over and over, everyday but it's been the same exact names for a while now.

    Is anyone else's not changing or updating?
    I have this problem.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Quote Originally Posted by santamonica1115 View Post
    I've emailed Pam already before seeing this thread and she's kindly replied already and hopefully the engineers are working on this issue...from my iPad I am unable to "jump to next page" which is now required rather than merely hitting the "next" button or arrow key like in the past. So unfortunately as an iPad user, the new design is not working for me.... Hope that kink is fixed soon.
    I hoped this would be ironed out by now. Navigating between pages on a thread causes the site to crash on multiple applications (Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, desktop).
    Blade, MD

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    until it's fixed you can just add /page2 or /page3 etc to the web address. I didn't initially have problems but I do now and just revert to doing it manually. It's annoying but it works.
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    Hi everybody -- Do NOT attempt to update user lists yet. They are not functioning correctly. And the name popularity thing is not working yet either. We spent a lot of the week fixing more major issues such as mobile forums -- has anyone noticed it looks MUCH better on top without big green menu? -- and firefox viewing problems.

    Blade, I'm going to spend some time on the site with my iPad so I can experience some of the issues you're all having and communicate them effectively.

    We still have some major new features to roll out this week including fab new girls', boys', and unisex home pages plus the Nameberry store!

    Analyzing the pop list also taking a lot of our time!
    Pam Satran

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