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    I'm having all the problems listed in this forum. I want the old nameberry back! Apart from all the problems the new design is just not appealing

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    Feb 2013
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    I've emailed Pam already before seeing this thread and she's kindly replied already and hopefully the engineers are working on this issue...from my iPad I am unable to "jump to next page" which is now required rather than merely hitting the "next" button or arrow key like in the past. So unfortunately as an iPad user, the new design is not working for me.... Hope that kink is fixed soon.

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    Does anyone else have the problem that their "most popular names today" list is never updating. My list has been frozen for like a week now with Finn, Hudson, Sirius, River, Arria, Arabella (etc.) as the most popular. I tried to wait a while to make sure they weren't just being searched over and over, everyday but it's been the same exact names for a while now.

    Is anyone else's not changing or updating?
    My Favorites:

    Colette Kristine. Alice Evanna. Gemma Elizabeth. Mabel Verity. Rosalie Grace.

    Jack Jeffrey. Carson Luke. Felix James. Leo Patrick. River Justin.

    can't wait to marry my love!


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    Feeling frustrated. I spent a good chunk of time updating my names lists yesterday and none of it saved. Again today I tried, still didn't save. I clicked on Save after I was done and nothing.
    Mama Bear to Serenity (gone January 17th, 2011) and Luther Wolf

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    Really liking the new layout and the rounded corners.
    But OLIVE... I like it better as a name than a color. Too much olive, muddy orange and beige. The muted colors read as heavy to me. The "N" in nameberry... that pink could use freshening up in my fussy opinion. I love the "AMEBERRY" part - the sky blue, snappy orange, spring green, and rich teal.
    I miss the polka-dots!

    Also, I'm having the same iphone problems as everyone else.

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