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    Dec 2012
    I still can't edit my lists.

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    Aug 2012
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    Hurrah - it no longer looks like I've made every thread!
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    What is up with all of the wasted space at the top of the forums? The design looks like it took a few steps backwards.

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    I and someone else (somebody mention it) have glitch with baby name list. When I click on popular names, names don't show right? I don't know how to describe it. First goes numbers, then down under the numbers goes names. They show like this:

    I have the same list-saving glitch as sawdust_and_diamonds
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Yes the list editing bug is really annoying. Just when I felt like making a new list I can't save anything >.<

    I'm still getting used to the new design. I think I preferred the old, just because for some reason I don't like some of the muted colours (the pinks and greens) but that's just a matter of taste and I'll get used to it eventually.

    There are a few layout problems ? This page has a very unfinished looking layout on my browser. Everything stuck to the left side and a giant font for every link.

    Anyway, I'm sure once the little bugs and glitches are fixed this will definitely be a change for the better

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