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    Anyone else finding that the "reply" "reply with quote" and "quote bubble" as well as the "edit" options are sporadically missing?
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    What I like:

    I like the muted colors. I like all the green and it is just softer to look at in the dark.
    I like the new search area.
    I sort of love the new homepage!
    I like the new lists and that you can see what's going on in them.

    What I'm not liking:

    All the white. I would like it better if there was some colored borders around the thread or maybe a slight tint to the background because all the white is just...a lot.

    I'm looking forward to:

    Home pages dedicated to Girls’ Names, Boys’ Names, and Unisex Names, featuring a fantastic infographic by berry Steve Ruble on the ratio of girls and boys given the most popular unisex names over the past 130 years.
    a place for visitor comments on every name, a way for berries to contribute names to the site


    I also had the "every thread is mine" thing but it seems to be doing better
    It's logging me in and out sometimes
    Every few minutes I get a page crash and a proxy warning
    It is loading a good deal slower but that might be traffic to the site
    The ticker at the top, the words and names are over lapping.

    Overall, I like it 80/20 right now. I'll likely like it more as time goes on and glitches and what not get fixed. ^_^
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    I had some technical difficulties over the past two days where I couldn't post in the forums and they all said I posted everything! But sounds like a lot of other people had that problem, too. It's been resolved now and I'm back to enjoying nameberry! One glitch I've noticed is that the ticker on the top of the site has the names overlapping. Overall, I like the new layout, but it'll take some getting used to. I LOVE how this site looks on my mobile now and it's much easier to navigate and use on my mobile, which is great. Congrats Pam and Linda, it's really good!
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    Is there going to be a picture of a baby for the baby name forum? It's just a white circle.

    Also, the friend request thing doesn't work for me. But it never did work, so that might just be me
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    I'm having trouble editing my lists from my mobile device. When I click save it doesn't save it just takes away the save option and replaced it with a delete list option.
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