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    Greek names that are usable for non-Greek parents
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    Quote Originally Posted by karacavazos View Post
    I love Greek names... but I have a hard time sorting the names that have good associations with the names that don't. Some have great meanings and some have okay meanings. I'd like to see some cool, obscure names that could be usable for the more adventurous baby-namer.

    Also, I'd like to see some cool undiscovered nature names, like Thalassa or Acacia.

    I'll be looking forward to your blog posts!
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    Angel, how fun! I am not very interested in the mythology, but that might be being selfish as I have a masters degree in it. What I would like you to do though is to do something on the religious aspect of the names. You worship Athena and Pan, right? It would be very interesting to learn more about it from your perspective. I'd also urge you to (if you will do mythology which I am sure you will) focus on more obscure names, like the epithets, places of worship, river gods, thins like that. And I'd like to see something on ancient usable Greek names.

    Good luck, I can't wait!!!
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    So, obscure/adventurous names and not just the typical ones like Thea etc. I can do that (there's plenty to choose from). ^_^

    Also, easily accessible Greek names.

    Ottilie -- I told Pam I was going to try to find 12 names she'd never heard of so be sure I'll be going obscure sometimes ^_^. And I will for sure be trying to look into the unheard of gods/goddesses/ etc. As for the religious aspect, you're right about Pan and Athena. Would you elaborate on what you'd like in that aspect please?

    Thanks ^_^
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    Oh, how super cool congrats.
    I think you could also talk about Greek names and their Roman counterparts (or other references derived from the Greek Gods).
    Esp, if you talk about which names might be easier to use by non-greek parents for their kids.
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