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    I think the government is completely justified....wouldn't want to give NZ a bad name...

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    I agree with the ban to a certain extent. I worked in our school board county administration and saw some terrible names. Snow White. Bud Wiser. Uterus Rose. Seriously? You just cannot fix stupid. These names are for life and parents should think about their children's lives when naming them. Why should the child have to change it later?

    It is nice to love the child as much along with the name of the child!!

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    In 2008, the parents of a nine-year old girl in New Zealand lost custody of their daughter due to having named her Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Justice, I would imagine, is banned because it's a title (for a judge).
    Thats the reason. In Australia Justice has gotten through but Princess and prince are banned and in some cases God Bless and Emperor.

    This is on australia but maybe it might help:
    ☆Isobel★Eloise☆Matilda★Alice☆Eleanor★ Amelia☆ Elena★Mirabel☆ Felicity★Phoebe ☆Eilidh ★Rosalia☆Roisin★Azalea☆Elsa★Arabella☆ Genevieve★Elodie☆Ruby★Charlotte☆
    ☆Eamon★Tiago☆Cooper★Jack☆Jago★Flynn☆ Archer★Lincoln☆Asher★Alfie☆Taylor★Baxter ☆Finnian★Lawson☆Jasper★Deacon☆Lewis ★Oscar☆Fletcher★Caspian☆

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    I don't know I feel like some rules could be beneficial.
    Germany has a no LN as a FN rule policy and some others like you can't use a chinese name for a non-chinese child, names have to denote gender (though not necessarily in the FN), and have to have been recorded as used in the past.
    However, if you provide written proof of why you feel this name is a good choice for your child in the long run, including
    evidence of how it has been used in the past or your family heritage usually they will be allowed. (They also limit the number of names you can give you kid to somewhere around 6 to prevent children from having 15 names -> in which case the government decided the parents were just too indecisive).

    The main idea is not to unduly burden your child. (A law I feel that isn't so bad and could be in use in the US). Obviously, a lot of rulings are subjective but that also means they can be appealed in front of a different judge if need be. I can see Lucifer as a FN being very difficult to get through but could imagine that if you were Satanist that a reasonable judge might let it fly as a MN.
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