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    Racial Dilemma - Lakshmi

    So - my parents are an MRC with an indian mum and a english dad - my name is Maya Lakshmi (Lakshmi is the hindu godess of Luck and Wealth) and Lakshmi is the middle name of my aunt, cousins, grandparents etc on my mums side. So my problem is, if i were to have a baby with a theoretical english person so the baby was 1/4 indian, would that be enough to justify using Lakshmi or would the kid get too many odd looks?
    hope that makes sense

    (And I look thoroughly white so I have a few problems as it is but I love my name and want to pass it down.)
    Maya Lakshmi
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    The name is part of your heritage and you... Literally. Use it if you want.

    Like the names in your signature, btw.
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    Lakshmi is a lovely name Use it! I personally don't believe names are restricted to people from their country/culture of origin. I'd get bored pretty fast if I was only allowed to use English, Irish and Welsh names.

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    It's a part of your and your child's heritage. Just becuase your outer appearance doesn't make your heritage obvious it doesn't mean you have to ignore it. You're showing pride in your family and heritage and that's wonderful regardless because you'll pass that on.
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    Use it! Lakshmi is part of you, and your heritage just because your child may not have the outer appearance of an Indian does not mean that she doesn't have that heritage and that the name Lakshmi isn't part of her. Personally I think the name is gorgeous, she's really intriguing and would be a great choice.

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