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    My immediate association with Violet is Beauregard from Willy Wonka. One of the reasons I have a hard time liking it, despite it being rather my style.
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    My only associations with it are Violet Baudelaire from A Series Of Unfortunate Events and she was a great protagonist with a flair for invention, I also think of Viola from Shakespeare so overall very positive

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    I love Violet, she's stunning, majestic, and wholesome. I can imagine Violet being a dark-haired, green eyed spunky girl. I think Violet is beautiful, I also love the nickname Vee. I prefer Violet to Ella, I agree with others that she has more substance. I also love the combination Violet Annabelle (prefer Annabel spelling wise) she's so fresh, pretty and sweet.

    Violet middle names...
    Violet Anastasia
    Violet Joy
    Violet Katherine
    Violet Melody
    Violet Elisabeth
    Violet Eleanor

    Hope this helped x
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    Violet is my top girl's name right now, and has been for quite some time! I adore it, though I fear it's becoming too popular in the UK. My only associations with the name are positive - Violet from the Incredible and Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events; I imagine a girl named Violet as a mix of those two characters.

    My own top choice for middles is Violet Ruby Grace - Ruby to honour, Grace because I love the name but it's far too popular to use as a first name. Though, I do think it's a pretty plain combo and a name with more substance could really bring out the fresh, sweet feel of Violet. Violet Annabelle is a great choice, I actually think names beginning with vowels are a really good choice for Violet's middle. My suggestions:

    Violet Hazel
    Violet Adeline
    Violet Anneliese
    Violet Marina
    Violet Georgia
    Violet Magnolia
    Violet Isabelle
    Violet Evelyn
    Violet Alice
    Violet Audrey
    Violet Elisabeth
    Violet Claire
    Violet Phoebe
    Violet Florence
    Violet Acacia
    Violet Adelaide
    Violet Maeve
    Violet June
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    Violet Fiona is sooooooo pretty.

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