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    Scarlett and Waverly a good sibset?

    Does Scarlett and Waverly make a good sibset? And why?

    I love girly names with substance and history (Genevieve, Cecilia). My DH likes feminine names that are sometimes gender neutral and very modern (Harper, Avery). That's how we came to the compromise "Scarlett" for our first born. Isla has been the top choice for us now, but we are both not sold on it.

    Today I mentioned Waverly, and he loves it. I'm not convinced. What do you guys think?

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    They are okay to me.
    I don't see Waverley/Waverly as a very vintage name, probably due to it's similarity to modern, unisex names like Avery.
    Scarlett is a somewhat classic name, maybe a more modern classic but not very trendy sounding.
    If you wanted the same style for sisters, I probably wouldn't go with said sibset but as sister names they're quite nice.
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    Scarlett is an adorable name, so it fits in the "cutsie" names category in my opinion. Therefore I feel that style wise, it's not the perfect sibset, but to my ears, it sounds great! I'll be honest and say that I'm not a huge fan of Waverly, it's a little too modern for me and I often think of Wizards of Waverly Place when hearing this name.

    Isla is adorable! It's on my main list. Scarlett and Isla is a dream sibset. I often fantasise about having triplets called Scarlett, Isla and Eloise. It's a shame that you're both not so sure now, but of course everyone has their own taste in names.
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    I have mixed feelings about Waverly.

    When I was born, my parents top 3 girls names were Allison, Erica & Waverly (in that order). They chose Allison. When I was little, I thought Allison was boring and dreamed about having been named Waverly. A year or so ago, I was talking with my friends about what they had almost been named. They had never heard of Waverly before, and laughed themselves silly when they heard the name. Their comments were "Like waves from the ocean?" and "Like Wizards of Waverly Place?" something like that. I rolled my eyes. To this day, they sometimes say "Hey Waverly!" When they're in a joking around mood. I do like Waverly, but don't think it's an easy name to wear.

    Despite what others say, I like Waverly and Scarlett together. Sure, stylistically they aren't perfect, but I think they go well together. Unique, but totally recognizable. IMO they go better than Scarlett & Isla. Waverly just sounds right with Scarlett. The names are very different, but are equally versatile, unique and modern yet vintage sounding. I love them together!

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    Scarlett is lovely. I really dislike Waverly. It isn't as pretty, feminine, or spunky like Scarlett. I would love to see these instead:


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