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    With your sibset...I love River for a boy too! Or Phoenix for that matter I don't see it as a very feminine name but it could work... I like the idea of a really unexpected naturey hippy name for fourth child... I think it fits perfectly as Iris bridges the classic with the hippy nature... And Jude has a hippyish vibe too due the Beatles! I do really like Indigo nn Indi with your sibset... Though two girls names beginning with I is perhaps a bit unbalanced if you're picky? India would also be gorgeous! I love Sage for a boy or Girl... I like some other suggestions made by pp... Willow, Summer, Delphine, Cosette and Clover in particular!

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    I like all of your children's names plus every name on you potential list, but I cannot get behind River for a girl. Its a boys name!

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    I also expected River to be for a boy. I have a little cousin named River who is a boy. Although it is a unisex name, I automatically associate it with a male. Out of the other choices I'm loving Pearl or Fleur. They definately fit extremely well in the sibset. I would also stay away from using the same first letter. Actually, it is one of the highest ranked factor for sibling rivalry.

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    I think Wren would work beautifully with your other kids names! I do think River would work though, but it could just be my love for Joss Whedon's Firefly talking (River Tam is an awesome character)
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    I think of River more for a boy. How about Spring?

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