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    I definitely think of River more as a baby boy's name. But I do think it would fit in nicely with your sibset (which is fantastic btw!).

    What do you think about Riven or Raine? They're both pretty close to River but I feel they are much more feminine. I've had a hard core name crush on Raine for everrrr now!
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    With your sibset I wouldn't expect a River, but if you absolutely adore it I don't think it's terrible.

    Based on your other kids and on your list my suggestion would be Flora--bit nature, bit vintage, not too fussy.
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    I love River both on a girl and a boy but in your sib-set I would just assume River was a boy. Glad your not nixing it and instead just moving it over to the boys list. I think it would be the PERFECT name for a little boy.

    Pearl, Celeste and Elsa are all beautiful choices to add to your name list.

    Fleur feels weird to me as you already have a daughter with a flower name. Somehow naming your one child after a flower and the other generically (though very beautifully) flower feels odd to me.

    Other suggestions:
    Noelle, Tabitha, Viola and Lilith
    ...if my husbands has no vote, then....
    Endora & Lorelei / Dexter & Gideon
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