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    Your kids names are great. I think I like helping find names that "go together" because it gives you someplace to start, you know? Like a guidepost or something but with 5 kids already named you couldn't have a brighter shinning guidepost to what you guys might like.

    I think December would be fun, but I'd use it as a mn. Mostly because I'd find it odd to have a child named after the month they are born in. A little too on the nose for me and you already have a Noelle and a Mary somehow I just can't get Christmas out of my head.
    (Magdalena Grace doesn't help much with it's strong biblical associations for me.)

    I really like Abigail but can understand your concern about it being more popular now (#7 in the US in 2011). I also like pp's suggestion of Ivy.
    How about Laurel, Natalia/Natalie, Theodora, Lucia, Helene, Joy, or Paloma? (Lucia December or Helene Paloma - which has 12 letters for the 12th month - are two combos I like.)

    I'm with your husband on Eoin, it's just one of those names I adore and I do find Cayden too close to Callum. You could consider the more Anglican version Owen instead of Eoin. Eoin/Owen Cayden and Callum Rory would work for me and you'd both get the name you like. (I prefer Owen Cayden visually to Eoin Cayden).
    proud of our little Lorelei (may 2016)

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