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    *Final Choice* cold feet?

    So after rereading the baby name book and multiple threads on here & we've agreed on a final name. Tessa Charlotte. Tess for short. WDYT? We love it but I'm still worried it is a bit of a mouthful with our last name. My husband says it won't be a problem because how many times will she actually use her full name out loud. Am I just nervous? Thanks berries!
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    I think it's fine! There are some sounds in common, but Tessa H0stetler is what she'd be known as, right? Or even Tess H0stetler? I think either of those works just fine, and Tessa Charlotte is gorgeous! I wish I could come up with a Tessa combo I liked as much.

    Good luck!
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    What a great name!!!!!! Versatile, cute, strong and pretty all together. Not too much of a mouthful at all

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    Tessa Charlotte is beautiful and I think it sounds perfectly fine with the surname.
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    Love it!!!!!

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