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    Are you ready to have kids?

    I stumbled upon this quiz. Now I'm having second thoughts! I better go buy myself a goat...
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    Haha, that is freaking hilarious! Now every time I put clothes on Rowan, I'm going to imagine dressing an octopus.

    Honestly though, parenting is not THAT bad... you definitely get used to it. I absolutely can't stand parents that create this fluffy, Disney-esqe, bubble world and they look down on everyone that doesn't fit into their alternate reality. But at home, I'm sure those same parents are locking themselves in the bathroom for some peace like every other parent.

    Being a parent to a toddler is frustrating sometimes, but it's also happy and rewarding. Here's just a few things Rowan has done recently, just to prepare you...

    Smeared yogurt on the dog
    Put crunched up Goldfish crackers in my shoe
    Proudly presented a house guest with one of my tampons (she's figured out how to open the hall closet)
    Put my phone on Airplane mode somehow so I miss calls/texts all day
    Forcefully threw a snack cup full of blueberries on the floor right after she just begged for them
    Forcefully threw her sippy cup at our server at a restaurant, and it hit him very hard
    Drew on the computer and computer desk with chalk

    And they weren't kidding about dragging random items all over your house. Her room is littered with my socks and panties because she pulls them out of the clean clothes basket and into her room. I found a plastic clamshell container (out of the recycling no doubt) in the dryer today. She rearranges the kitchen chairs and dog's beds constantly. Steals my husband's sunglasses and hides them in random places. She also has gotten really into kicking lately and kicks furiously every time you try to pick her up or change her diaper (resulting in my husband getting kicked in the junk almost daily)

    It helps to keep a sense of humor.
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    @rowangreeneyes - LOL! I agree you'd definitely need a sense of humour! Lots to look forward to! Although, I'm used to things being stolen and moved. My dog steals things on a regular basis (her favourites are stubbie holders and thongs!). She's stolen (and eaten) four socks. At least I'll never have to take my child to the vet to get her to throw up a sock (fingers crossed)!

    PS. I'm not sure what the American for stubbie holders is. Beer holders? And by thongs I mean flip flops...not the other kind
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    August - Barnaby - Edward - Frederick - Henry - Rupert - Theodore - Walter

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    Sarahmezz- LOL! I want a goat
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    Some of my in laws better antics:

    Frank & Oscar: jump out bedroom window on to the trampoline. Repeat for 30 min.
    Edie: Climb into shower and bathe self with Martin's body wash. Try to rinse off in the tub getting plenty of soap in your eyes.
    Frank: Finds the perfect hiding spot in hide and seek. The specifically off limits dryer.
    Lucy: Turn on Dora and watch one episode and walk away. Scream bloody murder when someone changes the channel after the tenth one.
    Leo: Fart obnoxiously when at a restaurant. Scream "he farted" at the top of your lungs while pointing at your nearest brother.
    Edie: Scale the kitchen counter to open and drink a 5 hour energy at 6 pm.

    And my own favorite ones from my childhood:
    Ask for a drink of whatever Dad is drinking. Finish it.
    Tell someone exactly where babies come from and other embarrassing things when they ask.

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