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    Your family + the next generation


    Your family

    DH/DW names are up to you, so is the surname.

    Your children: Roll the dice to determine how many children you have. The number on the die = the number of kids you have. Roll the dice again to determine if boy or girl. Even number = girl, odd = boy.

    First names: your choice.
    Middles names: your choice but the sibset must share a theme (either overt (ex. flower names) or more subtle (ex. all are related to love; all are Harry Potter names; etc)

    Feel free to add any extra details if you'd like.

    Next Generation

    For each of your children, name their spouse using names from 'names being searched now' feature at the top of the page.
    At least one of your children has been divorced once and is now remarried. Name both current and former spouse. They have at least 1 children from the first marriage.

    Roll the dice to determine how many children each of your kids has.

    1 or 2 = 3 kids
    3 or 4= 4 kids
    5 or 6 = 2 kids

    Roll the dice to determine the gender of each child (odd = boy, even = girl).
    Their names are up to you. For an extra (and optional) challenge, give each sibset a different theme.

    Feel free to fill in any extra details (ages, careers, etc) about your children and grandchildren.

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    The Byrne Family

    DW: Eleanora Cecily (children's book illustrator) (age 65)
    DH: Anthony Grant (morning talk show host) (age 65)

    middle name theme: christmas related
    DD: Sophie Noelle (age 39)
    DD: Charlotte Mary (age 37)
    DS: Graham Balthasar (age 33)

    The Edmunds Family
    DW: Sophie Noelle (nee Byrne) (lawyer) (age 39)
    DH: Benjamin Clay "Ben" (lawyer) (age 39)
    DD: Freya Emmeline (age 12)
    DS: Samuel Clay (age 10)
    DD: Cara Audrey (age 7)
    DD: Mila August (age 6)

    The Grenley Family
    DW: Charlotte Mary (nee Byrne, formerly Blanc) (ex husband: Etienne Remy Blanc) (television host) (age 37)
    DH : Sebastian Callaway (forensic accountant) (age 40)
    DS: Mathis Etienne (Blanc; son from marriage to Etienne) (age 8)
    DS: Julian Paul (age 3)

    The Walkerton-Byrne Family
    DH: Graham Balthasar (Byrne) (broadcast journalist) (age 33)
    DW: Gemma Lillian (Walkerton) (magazine editor) (age 35)
    DS: Quentin Noah (age 4)
    DD: Ella Louisa (age 2)
    DS: Malcolm Luca (newborn)

    Eleanora and Grant have Sophie (married to Ben; Freya, Samuel, Cara, & Mila), Charlotte (married to Sebastian; Mathis & Julian), and Graham (married to Gemma; Quentin, Ella, and Malcolm).
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    Emmett Samuel Lloyd, Graham Wilder, Finlay Gordon Jude,
    Rowan Asher, Isaac William, Thomas Dashiell

    Juno Philippa, Arya Sophie Diana, Freya Isabel Charlotte,
    Rosamund "Rose" Laelia Edith, Emilia Caroline, Rory

    {my listography}

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    DH: James Edward Shelby (60)
    DW: Alexandra Christine Shelby (58)

    DS: Aaron James Shelby (36)
    DD: Lydia Christine Shelby (35)
    DD: Clare Alexandra Shelby (33)


    DH: Aaron James Shelby (36)
    DW: Natalie Elise Shelby (36)
    DD: Catherine Elise Shelby (13)
    DD: Eleanor Eve Shelby (12)
    DD: Mary Elizabeth Shelby (10)
    DS: William Edward Shelby (8)
    DD: Beatrice Evelyn Shelby (5)
    DS: Daniel Easton Shelby (4)


    DW: Lydia Christine Caldwell (35)

    DH1: Benjamin Levi Green (40)
    DD: Cora Guinevere Green (12)
    DD: Sophie Isabelle Green (11)
    DD: Eloise Virginia Green (9)

    DH2: Matthew Atticus Caldwell (38)
    DS: Henry Atticus Caldwell (5)
    DD: Charlotte Louise Caldwell (3)
    DD: Miriam Felicity Caldwell (2)


    DW: Clare Alexandra North (33)
    DH: Alexander Lucas North (31)
    DD: Daphne Alexandra North (7)
    DD: Bianca Vivian North (5)
    DS: Cedric Avery North (4)
    DS: Eamon Lucas North (nb)

    James & Alexandra's kids: Aaron, Lydia, & Clare
    James & Alexandra's grandkids: Catherine, Eleanor, Mary, William, Beatrice, Daniel, Cora, Sophie, Eloise, Henry, Charlotte, Miriam, Daphne, Bianca, Cedric, & Eamon

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    Wesley Clark Price & Winifred Grace Price
    Aurelia Cecily Johnson
    Atticus Cole Price
    (same initial)


    Aurelia Cecily Johnson & Ezra Wyatt Johnson
    Britta Alison Johnson
    Jeffery Troy Johnson

    (all names related to TV show Community)


    Atticus Cole Price & Harper Avery Price
    Aubrey April Price
    Benjamin Scott Price
    (all names related to TV show Parks & Recreation)
    Noah • Spencer • Judah • Owen • Ezra • Nathan • Archie • Atticus
    Juliette • Aurelia • Yael • Scarlett • Cecily • Aria • Mara • Mira

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    LN: Darcy

    DH: Hugo Wilson
    DW: Thea Annabel

    DD: May Rosalind [38]
    DS: Lucas William [35]
    DS: Owen Sebastian [31]
    DD: Piper Elizabeth [29]

    [all are Shakespearean names]

    DW: May
    DH: Conrad Raymond [37]
    DD: Grace Delancy [12]
    DD: Jane Ansonia [7]

    DH: Lucas
    DW: Katherine Zoe [34]
    DD: Willa Clare [9]
    DS: Colby Knox [6]
    DS: Reed Cooper [4]

    DH: Owen
    DW: Edith Lucille [31]
    DD: Eleanor Justice [4]
    DS: Franklin Jersey [2]

    DW: Piper
    DW: Elliot Cressida [33]
    DD: Molly Eleanor [4]
    DD: Sadie Michelle [2]
    DS: Jude Maxwell [6 mos.]

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