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    wdyt of the name Genevieve

    Hello :-)

    Just wanted to know your honest opinion on the name Genevieve. Also, what is your favourite nick name for Genevieve?

    I'm not expecting-just collecting :-) :-).

    Thank you <3

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    Genevieve is beautiful! I have Genevieve Lyra on my list.

    I like Evie or Genny {like Jenny} the best for nicknames.
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    I adore Genevieve! It's one of the names on my list that gets a perfect ten in rating. I love Genna for a nickname, but I also like Eve or Evie.
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    I wish with all my soul Genevieve sounded good in Spanish. I would use it in a heartbeat. My favorite nn is Vivi or Eve.
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    I love it. My favorite nicknames for Genevieve are Evie, Vivi, or Vee.

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