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  • Skandar Maximus

    28 34.57%
  • Skandar Balthazar

    13 16.05%
  • Skandar Leonidas

    32 39.51%
  • Skandar Mordecai

    8 9.88%
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    Down to 4 options

    I'm so sorry that I keep bringing this up, but I'm really stressed out about not having a middle name picked out. S/he could be here anytime now. Anyhoo... We've added another option to our list, and removed some of the others. But nothing feels 100% perfect, so feel free to suggest something else. Surname will be Wilde, and Skandar is set in stone.

    Thanks for the help!
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    To go with Drake Zephyr (The name Drake rocks by the way!), I voted for Skandar Maximus. It sounds strong and handsome, plus I have liked the name Maximus since the movie the Gladiator.

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    Drake and Skander? Regardless of what middle you choose, this is the most perfect sibset EVER.
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    While I love Maximus, and think it goes the best with Zephyr, Leonidas flows the best in my opinion.
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    I love all options except Mordecai. Makes me think of the word mortify. :-?

    Skander Maximus and Skander Leonidas are both great!
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