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    If you love Grant, I would go with Grant. I think it really doesn't matter if you stick to the pattern or break it, regardless of whether or not you plan to have more than three. There are patterns between my siblings and I that I feel left out of, but it hasn't scarred me for life. Grant is handsome and distinguished and charming, and quite frankly, I adore it (plus, Griffin, Grace, and Grant are so cool for siblings!). Landon feels a lot trendier than Griffin, Grace, and Grant, and to me, it seems like it would stick out more than Griffin/Grace/Grant are similar, if that makes sense. They're all lovely options, though.
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    I would go with a G name instead of Gr-...and I don't like Landon.

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    I love GR names (Griffin, Grant, Grier, Grayer, etc.) but I think three is too many. I have one Gr child and thought I'd use the name Grier for a girl if I were to have two children but I would never consider it for three. I'd go with Landon or a G name like Garrett.

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    I'm with southern maple-- if you want more than three, go with Landon. If this is your last, Grant is fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daisy451 View Post
    I think Grant, on its own, is too close to Grace. ... However, both Grant and Grace are 1-syllable, Gr-beginning, consonant-heavy, sharp names. They're a bit too close for me.
    This post made me want to suggest combining your top two names: Grandon.

    I don't really have anything new to add about keeping the theme or breaking out while you still can. Good luck though!

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