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  • Josephine Joy

    40 29.20%
  • Susannah Joy

    54 39.42%
  • Anna Caroline

    43 31.39%
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    Josephine Joy is my pick!

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    Josephine... I love the nickname Josie!!

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    I love Susannah! I would hate to be the only non "S" sibling. I also love Anna Caroline.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Josephine Joy! Josephine Joy! Josephine Joy! It's so happy and pretty, I love it. And it's so beautiful with your other girls. I'm personally a fan of Posy as a nn, but pretty much all its nns are fabulous. Anna Caroline is my second choice (although I'd love the see Caroline up front, too! I think Caroline Eva would be lovely with your other girls... if you're still looking for other options, and your hubby is open to the idea of Eva as a MN. ). While I know how very much you love Susannah, and I think it's gorgeous with your other girls, but Sophie-Claire, Sarah Katherine, Serena, and Susannah are just too close, imo. Especially Serena and Susannah.
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    Ack!! the poll is tied! 24 and 24- Josephine Joy and Anna Caroline!
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