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    A middle name for Flynn?

    I really can't find the right middle name for Flynn. I thought about Flynn Alexander but I have Alexander paired with another name so I don't feel I can use it, I also thought about Sebastian and Benjamin but neither go well as they both rhyme with Flynn. I think a longer name would be best as Flynn is only one syllable however I don't like anything like Balthazar, Ignatius or Bartholomew so please don't go wild with your suggestions. My style is more common and biblical but it's not a necessary requirement. All my favourite names are in my signature so if you could pair up Flynn with any of them so make a nice sounding pair that would be great. Last name is two syllables, starts with a M, ends in W and isn't that common.

    Do you think it would be strange if two brother had the names Flynn and Finlay? Flynn would be in the first name spot and Finlay in the middle. They probably will have other siblings in between, but do you think it would be a major problem?

    Thanks in advance. Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, I'm a terrible proof-reader.

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    I really love Flynn. You can use Flynn as a fn and then Finlay as a mn for another boy for sure.
    Combos you might like are:
    Flynn Andrew
    Flynn Matthew
    Flynn Samuel

    Hope some of these help!

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    Thank you!

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