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    Garnet is mine & my daughter's birthstone as well. I actually like the name January even moreso!

    Garnet is a tough one because it has a bit of a hard sound. But really I guess not any more than Violet!

    Arabella Garnet does connect the Ara & the birthstone

    Something like Bree could almost work for Barbara as well. Or Brea or Brielle?

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    I have a colleague who just named his daughter Barbara after her Bubby (his mother) She is growing into this name beautifully. At first it seemed a bit musty, but now his daughters Emma and Barbara seem like the perfect sibset. Especially if you pronounce the full three syllables, Bar-Bar-Ah. It's quite lovely.
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    I also have a special Barbara so I've pondered this tool

    Barbry/Barbre/Bairbe- all pronounced bar-bree
    Baibre- rhymes with Avery, bay-bree

    Same meaning as Barbara (foreign/stranger)

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    I would go with Bay or Bridget.
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    I would use a B first name with Garnet as the middle name. I am not sure of your style but here are a variety of options.

    Beatrice Garnet
    Bianca Garnet
    Blythe Garnet
    Brynn Garnet
    Brooke Garnet
    Bettina Garnet
    Bethany Garnet
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