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    It used to, but I'm trying to get over it. It can be such a fluke, anyway -- a name outside of the top 100 could still be popular in your area (or an area you move to after having children), and top 100 names don't mean '10 in every class' or anything. Besides, so many of my favorites are rising in popularity... I don't know, I'd rather use a name I really love than try to find something unusual.
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    I'm the same as you. I used to try and avoid any name in the top 250-300, for girls or boys, but there are just not that many boys names that I like! Eliminating another 300 based on popularity alone was just not an option. For ex., I like Henry, it's my second choice for a boy. It's #57 on 2011's list. August, my top pick, is 398 but it has nothing to do with the popularity, I just like it better.

    As far as girls go, two of my favorites (Stella and Vivian) are in the top 200, at #73 and #154 respectively, the others are 929 (Leona), 803 (Mae), 923 (Lilith) and Florence, Flora, Avis, Zelda, and Mabel are not in the top 1000. I also have a soft spot for Sophie, but as it's #51 for girls - not including every little girl named Sophia that's called Sophie - I probably won't ever use it as a first name.
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    Trendiness is an issue for me. Rank is not, or not as much. I steer clear of the Top 150, but I'd be far more confident in using a name that's ranked higher but has seen steady use instead of a name that's ranked lower but rocketing up the charts. Simon instead of Jasper, Iris instead of Eloise, etc.

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    No, it doesn't really. Two of my daughters have names in the top 100. I hear these names on other kids every so often. Their names are fairly common but not so common that they are likely to be one of several in their class.

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