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    Name Your Kids Using My Family's initals.

    Come on Berries, you know what to do.
    Basically just create names for your children using my present initails, and go! (I'm not using last name intitals).
    Grandmother: MA
    Grandfather: JT
    1st (Boy): JT
    2nd (Boy): CF
    3rd (Girl): VA
    4th (Girl): CA
    Twin Girls: DA and DL

    1st family:
    Husband: JT (the first child)
    Wife: MS
    1st (boy): JO
    2nd (boy): JL

    2nds famiy:
    Husband: CF (the second child)
    Wife: CP
    1st (boy): RG
    2nd (boy): MF
    3rd (girl): VJ
    1st's Son: RW
    2nd's Daughter: MI

    3rd's family:
    Husband: JK
    Wife: VA (the thrid child)
    1st (girl): JO

    4th's family:
    Husband: BL
    Wife: CA (the fourth child)
    1st (boy): BW
    2nd (girl): ZR

    1st twins family:
    Husband: RC
    Wife: DA (thats the twin)
    1st (girl): AA (Thats me)

    2nd twins family:
    Her: DL (thats the other twin)
    1st (girl): SA

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    Pacific Northwest
    Grandmother: Maelle Annabeth
    Grandfather: James Theodore
    1st (Boy): James Theodore "JT"
    2nd (Boy): Charles Flynn
    3rd (Girl): Veronica Annabeth
    4th (Girl): Caroline Alice
    Twin Girls: Delia Anneliese and Daphne Lorelai

    1st family:
    Husband: James Theodore "JT"
    Wife: Melody Skye
    1st (boy): Julian Oliver
    2nd (boy): Jasper Luke

    2nds famiy:
    Husband: Charles Flynn
    Wife: Corrina Phoebe
    1st (boy): Rhys Griffin
    2nd (boy): Maxwell Flynn
    3rd (girl): Violet Josephine
    1st's Son: Ronan Walter
    2nd's Daughter: Marina Ivy

    3rd's family:
    Husband: Jude Kenton
    Wife: Veronica Annabeh
    1st (girl): Juliet Odessa

    4th's family:
    Husband: Benjamin Leo
    Wife: Caroline Alice
    1st (boy): Bennett William
    2nd (girl): Zoe Ramona

    1st twins family:
    Husband: Robert Calvin
    Wife: Delia Anneliese
    1st (girl): Annabeth Amelia

    2nd twins family:
    Her: Daphne Lorelai
    1st (girl): Scarlett Alora
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    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Grandmother: Mae Annabelle
    Grandfather: Jameson Taylor
    1st (Boy): Jameson Taylor
    2nd (Boy): Callum Francis
    3rd (Girl): Violet Annabelle
    4th (Girl): Clementine Ava
    Twin Girls: Daisy Aurora/Dahlia Louise

    1st family:
    Husband: JamesonJamieTaylor (the first child)
    Wife: Maeve Stella
    1st (boy): James Oliver
    2nd (boy): JacksonJackLuca

    2nds family:
    Husband: Callum Francis (the second child)
    Wife: Claire Penelope
    1st (boy): Rowan Gabriel
    2nd (boy): Milo Francis
    3rd (girl): Violet Jolie
    1st's Son: Rex Weston
    2nd's Daughter: Madison Isabella

    3rd's family:
    Husband: Joel Kiefer
    Wife: Violet Annabelle (the third child)
    1st (girl): Josie Ophelia

    4th's family:
    Husband: Blaine Larson
    Wife: Clementine Ava (the fourth child)
    1st (boy): Bennett William
    2nd (girl): Zara Regina

    1st twins family:
    Husband: Riley Christian
    Wife: Daisy Aurora (that’s the twin)
    1st (girl): Ava Annabella (that’s me)

    2nd twins family:
    Her: Dahlia Louise (that’s the other twin)
    1st (girl): Sophia Alexandra
    Mabel Charlotte & Ella Mae | Gavin Charles & Ethan Henry

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    Grandmother: Margaret Ann
    Grandfather: John Thomas
    1st (Boy): Jack Thomas
    2nd (Boy): Christopher 'Chris' Frederick
    3rd (Girl): Virginia Ann
    4th (Girl): Claire Allison
    Twin Girls: Danielle Amanda and Delaney Lauren

    1st family:
    Husband: Jack Thomas (the first child)
    Wife: Morgan Sophia
    1st (boy): Jack Owen
    2nd (boy): John Lucas

    2nds famiy:
    Husband: Christopher 'Chris' Frederick (the second child)
    Wife: Courtney Paige
    1st (boy): Ryan Grant
    2nd (boy): Matthew 'Matt' Frederick
    3rd (girl): Victoria Jane
    1st's Son: Ryan William
    2nd's Daughter: Maggie Isabella

    3rd's family:
    Husband: James Kyle
    Wife: Virginia Ann (the thrid child)
    1st (girl): Jamie Olivia

    4th's family:
    Husband: Brendan Lucas
    Wife: Claire Allison (the fourth child)
    1st (boy): Brayden William
    2nd (girl): Zoey Rose

    1st twins family:
    Husband: Riley Charles
    Wife: Danielle Amanda (thats the twin)
    1st (girl): Ava Allison (Thats me)

    2nd twins family:
    Her: Delaney Lauren (thats the other twin)
    1st (girl): Sophia Amanda

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    Wholey **** The first twin's husband (my father)'s name is accuarate! My Dad's name is Robert Calvin! Wholey conincidence!

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