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  • Elowen Louise

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Thread: Elowen ___ ?

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    Oh okay! With those options, Elowen Mathilda June would be heavenly!
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    Louisa May might sound better because of Louisa May Alcott - the author of "Little Women."

    That said, I think I prefer Elowen Louise or Eloise Louisa May

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    I agree with a pp. Elowen May Louise sounds better. Elowen and Louise next to each other is too L heavy
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    I'm not too fond of Elowen Louise/a following one another, it's a little repetitive with the low/loo sounds. Elowen May Louise would be better.

    I voted for Elowen Louisa May because I don't like the transition from Louise to May (clunky consonant sounds), and I think the name needs May to balance out the low/loo thing. ^^
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