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    Neither of them is really my style, and I'm torn. Indiana reminds me of Indiana Jones... but maybe that won't be as much of an issue for the younger generation. Plus, as you said, it has the -ana ending. Indigo just won't age well, imho. Disclaimer (as some are extremely sensitive about such comments): I am not saying that she cannot achieve great heights and be whatever she wants to be. I'm sure she'll be highly accomplished. However, Indigo seems a bit more childish... like it would be cute on a little kid. However, I'd find it a bit stranger on a highly qualified professional. Like Indigo Jones, Attorney-at-Law... It's just not as grown-up. Also, I see it fitting a particular kid of person... like a cool, free-spirited girl. However, if she's a 45 year old, slightly overweight woman with frumpy clothes, I'd find it almost ironic. In those ways, I find Indiana a bit more versatile, mature, and wearable.
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    Really like Indigo Mae!!

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    I don't like Indianna at all, sorry. However, I adore Indigo. I think it's adorable and unique. I could picture it on any kind of girl/woman. A tomboy, an artsy girl, a girly girl....I love it!
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    I definitely prefer Indigo - but that may be because I live in the US. While Indigo does have a more unisex sound, Indianna is strongly associated with Indiana Jones, who is male, so that sort of evens it out. And while Indigo *might* get called "Indingo" (I think it's a stretch, but I'm not Australian), Indianna WILL get Indiana Jones comments frequently.
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    When I hear Indiana I think of the state and of Indiana Jones covered in dirt and leaping around with a whip. Neither very feminine.

    When I see Indianna I think, someone misspelled Indiana.

    So I don't like it at all. Really, it's exactly the same to me as naming your child Arkansaw and wanting to use the nn Arky and saying "Oh isn't that so feminine and pretty?" No. It's not.
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