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    Christmas/Seasonal names for December baby? too much?

    This baby is due December 19 and I keep looking at Christmas/Winter/Light names - too much or make sense? We are viewing this person as gift from God, no doubt, so may be appropriate for us? Looking for suggestions and feedback!

    Holiday (nn Daisy or Liddie)
    Epiphany (nn Pip or Pippa)


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    I really like Ivy and Emmanuel. Others you may like are

    Emanuelle/ Emanuela


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    I will have a Dec baby too! (edd 18 to 23 depending on u/s in 2 weeks) I decided that I did not want a theme based on Christmas, but something loosely related would be cute! I would skip Holiday and Emmanuel, but I do like Ivy.
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    I really like Ivy, Lucinda, Felix and North!

    I think Christmas/seasonal names are fine. I also really like Holly and Winter.

    How about Natalia, Angelica, Angel, Bianca, Clara and Nicholas.
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    I don't think it's "too much", especially if your baby is born quite close to Christmas. I always assume girls named "Noelle" are Christmas babies. Of your list my favorites are Ivy (Holly is another great one), Emmanuel, and Abner. I would say include some Christmas-related names on your "short list" as well as some non-Christmasy favorites, so you have more variety as you are narrowing down. Some more suggestions:

    Reuben "Behold, a son"
    Theodore, Matthias "gift from God"
    Ori "my light"
    Jesse "gift"
    Simeon (presented Jesus in the temple)

    Clara "bright, clear" (and Nutcracker heroine!)
    Anna (prophetess in the temple where Jesus was presented)
    Maranatha "Come, Lord Jesus"
    Natalie (related to nativity)
    Carol (one of my favorite Christmas baby names, so joyful and musical and bright)

    Here is a forum for more names meaning "gift"
    Lots of blog posts about it as well:
    Just type in "light" or "Christmas" or "winter" or "December" into the search box and you'll get lots of options.
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