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    Namberries! I need help with a name and its spelling!

    I have found a name that I really love but I don't like the spelling or origin and I want to tweak it to honor my grandmother Adele.
    The name is Atalaya which is pronounced(just found out) At- tah- lye- a with emphasis on third syllable.
    I would like to change the pronunciation to Ad-deh-lie-a. How would you spell that? We were trying to spell it Adeliah or Adelia but don't want to confuse anyone. Everyone is giving a different pronunciation when reading that name. Would you stick with a Spanish pronunciation of the name? Is there anyway to anglicize the name? Thanks for your help!

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    Adelaya maybe?

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    Adelaya or Adeliya? It's a difficult one to try and write out in a way that will only be said in that one way.

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    Adalaya, Adelaya, or Adalaea
    Great resource for name popularity over the last 120 years:

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    Adelaia, or probably Adelaya/Adalaya (please vote!)

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