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Thread: Samuel Caspar?

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    Just gorgeous.
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    Samuel Caspar is amazing.
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    Thanks, ladies! I'm still really loving Samuel Caspar. Any mn suggestions? It just hit me this morning that Caspar could be a nod to my sister--her name is quite obviously Christmasy (Natalie), and as Caspar was believed to be one of the three wise men, I figure it could honor her. It was also a very meaningful name to my best friend, who passed away about a year and a half ago, so I am really loving it for that reason, too. Any idea for a third name to pair with Samuel and Caspar? I don't particularly mind if it goes before or after Caspar. So far I've been tossing around Samuel Caspar Rhys, Samuel Caspar Jack, Samuel Caspar Gray, and Samuel Ezra Caspar.

    I really love Samuel Ezra Caspar, actually, but as my surname is two syllables, I have a strict no 2-2-2-2 flow rule, and I can't convince myself to say Samuel as SAM-yoo-uhl instead of SAM-yuhl. Anything with a similar feel as Samuel Ezra Caspar, with improved flow?

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    I really like Samuel Caspar. It's a stunning combo.

    I like Samuel Gray Caspar.

    What about
    Samuel Everett Caspar (I actually thought of this before seeing Everett in your signature. I love it!)
    Samuel Henry Caspar
    Samuel James Caspar
    Samuel Aaron Caspar
    Samuel Caspar Raymond
    Samuel Byron Caspar

    Like any?
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    Thanks, @alyssa897! I do quite like Samuel Gray Caspar, but Samuel Caspar Gray sounds better with my surname, I think. I like a lot of the names you suggested, although the majority of them break my 2-2-2 syllable rule, so I wouldn't use any of them. I love Everett too much to use as a MN, and while I love Aaron, I just hate the 2-2-2 flow with my surname. James and Raymond don't appeal to me, and Byron's my cousin's name, and I don't really want to repeat it.

    Any other combo ideas, anyone?

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