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    Share any great names you've ever stumbled upon & critique mine!

    I've always had a love for nature, especially forest and beach environments since I grew up and live in a small town where both coincide

    Recently I've been seeking out water themed names and earlier today I stumbled upon the name Marella on another site

    Unfortunately there's not much info about it here on the berry, just that it is a variation of Marcella and Mary. Both of which aren't really accurate, it's actually a variation of Muriel and the most solid meaning i found was "shining sea"

    Ive never heard Marella before and I think it's very pretty and its meaning is perfection to me!

    So guys, what do you think of Marella AND do you have any names you personally have found accidentally that you just loved? Share them here
    "Bittersweet October. The mellow,
    messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause
    between the opposing miseries of
    summer and winter. "
    -Carol Bishop Hipps

    Music lover, recently got back into writing for fun and of course name fanatic!

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