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Thread: Ruby for a boy?

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    I think it could work, especially since it's a nickname. Ruben is very masculine, and Ruby would be a cute nn.
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    Rubin doesn't really need a nn, its so short and cute already! I don't think Ruby works at all (unless he is very little) because this is a very popular girls names.

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    I would prefer Ruben since then he has the option of going by Ben. I think Ruby is fine as a nickname at home. I have cousin named Alexander and he was called Allie as a kid. Not any more or definitely not in school. I would be careful not to call him that around but otherwise it's fine as a nickname.

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    I think Ruby is fine for a boy after all it's a gem.
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    A couple male Rubys in my family tree - Rubins and Reubens. It's not a new nickname or particularly hard to get out of the name. Baffling how it seems more of a stretch than some of the "its in the middle of the name somewhere if you add some letters" NNs on NB.

    I don't think a unisex NN is a problem.

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