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    My husband's grandmother was Eleanor nn Ahno. It was a mispronunciation from her youngest step-daughter that stuck! She received most of her mail to Ahno and I didn't realize it wasn't her given name for many, many years.
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    Most of the ones I've heard have already been posted, but I'll share our daughter's names who have less common nn's

    Scarlett goes by Carly/Carle the majority of the time
    Fiona sometimes goes by Fae

    I've also heard Scout used for Scarlett. I like that alot. Penelope can have Nell, Nellie, Penna, Elle, Ellie
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    I love this thread! Some I've seen recently...

    Scarlet nn Tess
    Matilda nn Mila
    Caroline nn Arrow
    Juliet nn Jet
    Julietta nn Jetta
    Magnolia nn Nola/Nollie
    Adeline nn Dell (a/y)
    Adelina nn Alina
    Mirabel nn Mabel
    Cassandra nn Sandy (old school!)
    Vivienne nn Vienna
    Penelope nn Pepper
    Adelaide, Annabel, Audrey, Aurelia, Avalon, Catherine, Daisy, Elizabeth, Felicity, Gemma, Genevieve, Helena, Isabeau, January, June, Juniper, Juno, Kate, Laine, Liv, Lucy, Luna, Matilda, Mira, Pearl, Penelope, Seraphina, Snow, Tessa, Vesper, Violet, Winter

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    I think Juliette with the nickname Etta is gorgeous! I love the name Etta but I think it's a bit short for a first name so I tried to find a name that it could be a nickname for. There are a lot of 'ette' names but Juliette I absolutely love!
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    Also - my best friend's brother is Jonathan but goes by J o f f. (Spacing it out as it's uncommon)

    This is because my best friend couldn't pronounce Jon - the nickname he originally was going to have. J o f f has stuck and now everyone calls him it, he's even considering changing his name to it!
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