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    I love Ronan, Rory, Rhys, and other R names but with our LN (similar to my screen name)anything that starts with an R it is out.
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    Girl name is up for debate once again.
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    Oh, I should have mentioned that my last name ends in -er. So many great names out: Calder, Spicer, Jasper (like Alice, still on my list!), Sylvester, Hester, Winter (also still on the list), Vesper (ditto), River (ditto - okay, apparently I'm really stubborn), Baxter, Dexter, Adler. Then again, I do have a friend whose first name and hyphenated last name (both her parents' surnames) end in -en, so it's not a total dealbreaker.
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    I liked Juniper an awful lot in the beginning of this name quest and almost wanted to overlook the -er naming issue, but when I really thought about it, I had to let it go. The girl's name is now perfect anyway, so it became a non-issue.

    I ALMOST want to overlook the -er problem with Sanders and bump it to the first name position, but I think Sanders Baumgartner is just too much.

    @augusta_lee: River and Jasper are favorites of mine. I can understand why they are still on your list. Love of a name is the most important factor, for sure.
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    Last name ends in L, so I am staying away from any names that end in L, or elle. Which REALLY sucks. I tried to talk Hubby into changing our last name just so I could use some, lol.
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    Every single charming French -ette name. Le sigh. Our last name doesn't exactly end in the same sound, but it's impossible not to stress it when an -ette name is said before. It just sounds like a joke. Otherwise I really like our surname.
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