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    Names you can't use because of your last name

    So Philo has been on my list of favorite boy names for a while now. And today it hit me, my boyfriend's last name (my possible future last name) ends in -eau (it's French, so it's pronounced oh). Philo ****eau? It rhymes. I was bummed. I guess I'll just save it for a dog lol. What are some names that you can no longer use due to your last name or future last name?

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    I can't use Theodore. the whole name actually sounds fine with our last name, but the most likely nn would result in Theo T..O waaaayyyy too matchy!
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    Names that end in en/on/in/an are tricky, which is a huge shame since I adore so many Welsh names for girls that end in wen
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    Our last name starts with a P, so I feel like all P names are out... Which is too bad because I like Parker, Paige, Phineas, Piper.

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    Dh and I both really love Thomas but our last name is Tys0n so we've passed.
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