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    names for #2! Need help!! Sister is Lila Scout

    Here are the names we have for our upcoming girl #2. We are having a hard time nailing this down and it's getting down to the wire. Our daughter now is Lila Scout.

    We know we want to use the middle name 'Townes' for this one, so here are the choices - and would love thoughts:

    - Romy Townes
    - Elodie Townes
    - Emmeline Townes
    - Emilia Townes
    - Maggie Townes
    - Violet Townes

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    If it were me... I'd pick Emmeline or Emilia (do you like Emilie?).

    I like Romy but it feels too unisex to go with the girly Lila, especially since Townes isn't girly.
    Not a fan of Elodie but it does go nicely with Lila.
    Maggie is too nicknamey for me, and I don't like Violet because its so close to Violent.

    Lila Scout & Emmeline Townes sounds good to me.
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    I like Emmeline & Violet from your list.
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    Romy & Elodie. I like Violet normally, but "Violet Townes" is too adj/noun for me.

    Is Townes a family name? Either way, it sounds cool with your choices. Good luck!
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    I love Violet with Lila. I have a Zara and we are considering Violet for a second girl also

    Lila Scout is such a cool name, nice!

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