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Thread: Lottie

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    Here in England this has been very popular for a long time. I adore Lottie; I know Lottie & Kitty sisters. I can only think of Lotta really, and that's cute. Loretta is pretty, but I've watched too much Monty Python not to laugh when I hear the name.
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    Thank you ladies.
    @ottilie: I have read Lottie is popular(in one of the blogs, maybe) but its rarely heard in my area. Though I think it's a nickname for Charlotte here.
    I love your suggestions of Violet and Loretta. In Russia, they use Charlotta instead of Charlotte pronounced "shur-lott-uh" and I like this one too but I am afraid everybody will misread this so it's out.

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    Lottie is such a cute name. I like this nn with the full name Carlotta.

    Although I think Lottie is a stand alone name. The name Lotte is quite popular in some European countries like Belgium & The Netherlands.
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    Lotteis interesting, thank you.

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    OH and I plan on using Lottie if we have a daughter. We will be honoring a Charlotte but will use Lottie as a full name all on its own. I LOVE it!

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