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    I have Niall on my list. I don't think it's geeky or old man because of the boy from One Direction. I personally think it would be a great name for a little boy nowadays.

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    I know a big young family who used only Irish classics to name their kids - they're Moira, Saoirse, Niall, Orla and Eamon and it turned out to be winning idea - these names are classic but not overused, intriguing but not pretentious and cool but not in trying-too-hard way. And I know older children already loves their names. So I will vote for Niall! I only have some doubts when it comes to Felix & Niall combo. For me Felix isn't strong and classy enough to stand in the same row although it's lovely name itself.

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    I know of two Nialls, one of whom is the One Direction member. The other is twelve, and a football player, so it's a very young non-geeky name to me. I disagree with yael in that I think Niall is the one that doesn't quite live up to the other name, though; I consider it a very run-of-the-mill name. But that's probably just cultural differences. (Also: Yep, I realise this is 24 days late.)

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    Niall is a name which isn't classic but isn't crusty either. Very usable, and modern. Niall Maxwell wouldn't work in my opinion because of the -ll endings, and Niall Isaac doesn't sound right. I don't love Robert, so I would suggest Niall Thomas.
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    If you pronounce it nile, like the river, it is cool and European. Neil on the other hand is totally outdated. My brother-in-law has this name and he is early 30s. He grew up with a twin (my husband) with a name that was super popular: Jason. Neil doesn't give me the image of geeky or old, but of someone who is shy and quiet. It does seem more suited to an accountant in his 50s than a little boy these days.
    I am not a fan.
    Felix is great!

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