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Thread: Merritt?

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    Hi everyone! What does everyone think of the name Merritt? What kind of child do you imagine?

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    I find the Merit spelling vastly preferable.

    I imagine a small, delicate, dark-haired little girl. She is sweet, sensitive, and just a little bit shy. All in all, Merit seems like a very well-adjusted, likeable child.
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    I have only met one Merritt in my life and that was in high school at a Junior League banquet. So my image is of a rather WASP-y, social girl from an upscale family.
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    I'm no good at imagining people attached to names as I feel names will fit whoever they belong to.

    I love Merit though

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    I like it for a boy, but not so much for a girl. Though, I do think the nickname Merry would be very sweet. I picture an outspoken, bubbly, privileged redhead.
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