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    Alessandra Kate, Rose or other?

    I've been rethinking my Alessandra combo a bit lately, and came up with a few new middles. Input would be greatly appreciated.

    Middle ideas so far are as follows:
    Avery Kate
    Ember (perhaps if she's born in a ember ending month, such as September, November, December.)
    Noelie Kate or just Noel
    Rose or Rosalie
    Avery Snow (perhaps if she's born in the winter)
    Sierra Rose
    Tahlia Kate (prn Tah-Lee-Ah)

    *Avery is likely to spelled Averie, I'm aware of the generally negative opinion of the spelling however this is favourable for many reasons.
    * Surname starts with a P
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    I like Alessandra Kate a lot.

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    Alessandra Averie Snow and Alesandra Rose (or Alessandra Snow Rose because, you know, it's so pretty!).
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    Alessandra Rosalie Kate would be my favourite, but I also like Alessandra Averie Kate and Alessandra Tahlia Kate - I'm liking Kate with Alessandra very much, clearly! Good luck.

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    Alessandra Averie Kate would be my choice. Very cute. If she were born in the winter then I would change Kate for Snow.
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