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    What a nice story!

    I vote for Lauren, Lauryn, or Laurel.

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    I think its a sweet idea, but Lauren seems a little common after Ledger & Lyric, but if you decide on Lauren, you could always come up with an uncommon/fun nickname for her. I know a Lauren called Lala.

    Other examples I came up with:

    Elle (L)
    Lula or Lulu

    Or something with her middle name like Lauren Indiana and call her Indie.

    Just an idea. Good luck.
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    I would use Lauren or as others suggested Laurel. I think it's ok that it's a little different than her brothers because she's a girl. The story is precious, and to be honest I like Laurel. It has a sweet earthiness to it. It's gentle. It reminds me of swinging on a porch or a swing slowly and enjoying the last of a warm summer day.
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    I would prefer Laurel to Lauren for a girl.

    But if you are so blessed with another son, then maybe your child was refering to a baby Loren. A male Loren.

    I love Loren.

    I would name my child something my 1st born came up with, if I love it. I wouldn't want to have naming remorse and then subcounciously blame my first born.

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    I'm with @maggiefromcanada, @characternamer and @ashthedreamer.
    I'd probably try to stick with something that has a nn that could also be a nn for Lauren. Obviously (see signature) I adore Lorelei and Loretta. If Lauren is too common for your tastes I would find something else - it does sound nice with your boys names but would be too common for me. Another option is to use Lauren as a mn. Something like Lumiere Lauren, Leandra Lauren, or Linnea Lauren. (Avoiding the Laur sound in the first name all together).
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