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    Apr 2013
    I absolutely love my boyfriends last name, Cancio

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    Sheets! Simple and cute
    Mother to Amity Belle, Piper Clarisse, Azalea Taylor, Clover Mavis, Micah Theodore, and Mercy Alyn.

    My favorite boy names: Nathaniel, Jos, Jacob, Lonnie, Cayden

    My favorite girl names: Eilonwy, Ailis, Faye, Caresse, Rachel

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    Mar 2011
    Northern England
    Thoreau, as in Henry D.

    It's just so perfectly obscure and French and rolls off the tongue so well.
    I also like the idea of Darwin. Because... Darwin. Y'know.
    olivia, seventeen, owner of fluffy black cat, shura!
    surprisingly maternal - intp / leo / vegan - i like film and philosophy - drop me a pm anytime!

    dreamy, sublime ideas for future little darlings...
    Rosemary Una | Lettice Beatrix | Sybilla Agnes | Eilidh Bluebell | Nancy Lilith | Annabel Briar | Fenella Margaret | Maud Evangeline | Ethel Georgia
    Emmett Nicholas | Hugh Caspian | Wilfred Alec | Rufus Jack | Virgil Roan | Eoghan Fox | Emmanuel Baez | Oswin Kielder

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    Feb 2013
    I really like the similar last name Fletcher.

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    I'd take Ansari any day! Just always loved the way it sounds.

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