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    England is my favorite surname!

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    Apr 2013
    I absolutely love my boyfriends last name, Cancio

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    Sheets! Simple and cute
    Mother to Amity Belle, Piper Clarisse, Azalea Taylor, Clover Mavis, Micah Theodore, and Mercy Alyn.

    My favorite boy names: Nathaniel, Jos, Jacob, Lonnie, Cayden

    My favorite girl names: Eilonwy, Ailis, Faye, Caresse, Rachel

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    Brit in Nova Scotia :)
    Thoreau, as in Henry D.

    It's just so perfectly obscure and French and rolls off the tongue so well.
    I also like the idea of Darwin. Because... Darwin. Y'know.
    Jemima Rosemary - Eilidh Briar - Fenella Beatrix ✿ Alec Huw - Emmett Nicholas - Rufus Caspian
    Billie, Magdalena, Imogen, Octavia, Ailbhe, Jessa, Raphaela, Agnes, Imogen, Amelia, Medora, Lettice, Annabella.
    Dylan, Breccan, Rhett, Oscar, Ingram, Harrison, William, Vincent, Wolfie, Keaton.


    Traveller at heart and dreaming of future babes, but mostly I'm just an expat teenage girl from England...

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    I really like the similar last name Fletcher.

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