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    1) Daphne
    2) Greta
    3) Lyra
    This are the only names that I'm really into on the list, the rest aren't my style.
    Always changing...
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    Jasmine - I adore Jasmine so much, especially with the nn Minnie. It has so many things going for it to me. When I was little, my favourite princess was Jasmine (Seriously, I was obsessed). Jasmine tea is Iroh's favourite tea in A:TLA. It's just so amazing.
    Melody - Melody is a favourite of mine as well. Excuse the pun but it's so melodic. Only problem is the nn Mel. I hate Mel.
    Beth - I love Beth as a nickname for Elizabeth. It's sweet and feminine. It makes me think of Elizabeth "Beth" March from Little Women.
    Greta - Greta is wonderful but I'm afraid I'd never use it. It doesn't really fit with my other names.
    Lyra or Heidi - Lyra is so underused. I wouldn't use it personally but I would be overjoyed to meet a little Lyra. Heidi is so sweet.

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