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    Louis pronunciation?

    For me being European... I always pronounce Louis as Louie... And assumed everyone else did the same!! However, I've noticed that on nameberry a lot of people pronounce Louis as Lewis? I'm wondering how you pronounce Louis where you're from? Also, I'm considering using Louie to avoid pronunciation issues but then I feel the name losing some of its history and charm!! What do you think... Louis or Louie?

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    I think in the U.S. Louis is generally Lewis. Louis as Louie seems to be the French influence... so I think we Anglicized it.
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    I prefer the Louie pronunciation but I know a couple of Louis's who pronounce it Lewis.

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    Louis is Lou-ee, to me. Lou-iss is Lewis.

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    Louis is LOO-ee to me, and everyone I know by that name has pronounced like that. But it may be an Englishy thing. Liking Louis though!

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