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    Four weeks to go and just made the mistake of Googling our boy name...

    It turns out our boy would share his name with a man convicted of financial fraud in 2008 and several images come up of a sleazy looking guy. He also happens to be a III, so there are two more before him with the same name. I can't decide whether or not it matters. It's not someone widely known although my husband remembers the story a bit.

    We don't know what we are having and we've narrowed our boy list down to three names, with this guy's name being the top contender. Avoid it altogether and select a different name or decide it really doesn't matter?

    Thanks for your input!

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    Is it a common name? I think you can find fault in just about any name if you're looking.
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    Unless you were planning to name your son Bernard Madoff, I think you're ok.

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    I think, it doesn´t really matter what kind of people have the same name that you would like to use on your future child. There will always be a person who did something bad and people might associate that name with a bad thing for a while. But that goes away quite soon. There are so many Michaels in the world that are nice people and there are also a lot of Michaels that aren´t, you know what I mean? Whatever the name is that you like, I´d say go for it (unless it´s something that due to history is a name that is truly associated with nothing but really bad things). I hope, I could help you a little
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    Thanks, it's funny you mention Bernie Madoff since he took everything from my in-laws... no joke. I think that's why my husband is particularly sensitive to this guy. I think I'm okay with it but I'll let him make the decision. I've been thinking about backup name #1 today and it's making me happy

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