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    Quote Originally Posted by cupcake3690 View Post
    I really love Sterling. I could never use it though. It really wouldn't float well with me if my little Irish boy was named after British currency.
    @cupcake3690 - yes, I think you're wise not to name an Irish boy after a British currency. I think Sterling is better received here in North America than it would be in Britain or Ireland. It doesn't seem as crass to me as the name Cash.
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    I love Sterling! So cowboy handsome.

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    I really like Sterling! I good mix of handsome, cool, and spunky.
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    I like Sterling, though it reminds me of the (rather cheeky) show Archer. Sterling Archer is the main character and not in any means a role model; though I think his name is pretty cool.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I like Sterling. It seems rather old fashioned (my bus driver in elementary school was named Sterling. Back then, I thought he was ancient. haha. So, you know. He's probably in his 80s by now. But the actor Sterling Knight modernized it fairly well, imo, at least), but still really cool. I would love to meet a little Sterling.
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