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    My favorites with your other two:

    Courtney Olivia
    Chelsea Louise
    Poppy Elizabeth
    Felicity Rose
    Lucy Rebekah
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    Courtney Olivia and Lucy Rebekah (though I prefer the Rebecca spelling) are my favorites.

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    It's a very trendy list (a very young list). I must admit, I wouldn't choose any of these combinations myself. The best are probably Poppy Elizabeth and Lydia Grace. I'd avoid Leigh and Rose as middles unless you have a personal connection.
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    For my personally, Keira Leigh sounds like the name Kirrily which is a lovely name but it kind of comes across as though you are trying to do a "Brad Leigh" kind of thing. Maybe you like that? I don't know Just something to think about.

    Names I like from your list:
    Olivia, Lily, Chelsea, Louise, Demi, Keira, Maisie, Isabelle, Taylor, Kelsie, Mae, Poppy, Felicity, Ann, Matilda, Freya, Leah, Lucy, Billie and Ellie.

    Combinations of yours I like: Maisie Isabelle, Darcy Rose, Courtney Olivia & Poppy Elizabeth.

    Overused combinations (in my very humble & sincere opinion):
    Chelsea Louise, Demi Leigh, Brooke Taylor and all of the Mae, Louise and Rose middle names. While they're good combinations, I just feel they are so so common it'd be crazy to use one unless your last name was super uncommon. Especially Lili Mae, I know at least 4 people called Lili Mae - spelt both this way and different ways.

    Other Suggestions:Kelsie Taylor or Kelsie Heather
    Chelsea Matilda or Chelsea Leah
    Keira Lucy or Keira Felicity or Keira Jamie
    Demi Alesha/Alicia or Demi Taylor
    Freya Brooklyn or Freya Annabel
    Billie Felicity or Billie Louise
    Lili-Mae Taylor or Lili-Mae Lucy or Lili-Mae Freya
    Jamie Olivia or Jamie Madison
    Lydia Alicia/Alesha or Lydia Maisie
    Lucy Blaire or Lucy Teagan

    Best Wishes x

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