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    Do you think Chandler, Leo and Logan go together as a set with Mackenzie + Phoebe? :-)
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    I like:
    Tucker Isaac- love this one...
    Leo Benjamin
    Joseph Alexander
    Ruben William
    Charles Joseph
    Cian Oliver- Love! This is a great combo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I like...

    Leo Benjamin
    Joseph Alexander
    Charles Joseph
    Patrick Joseph
    Mason Lee
    Cian Oliver
    Ronan James
    Noah Geoffrey
    Shane Alexander

    I dislike...

    Carter Nathaniel - I hear "cart her".
    Tucker Isaac - Tucker is not a good name for a mature man.
    Elijah Ryan - Too many "i" sounds
    Jordan Alexander - Alexander is much better than Jordan.
    Justin William - similar endings
    Logan Scott - one too many surnames in a combo.
    Chandler Joseph / Chandler Joshua - strong TV association
    Leighton Thomas - I hated to put this combo in the "dislike" list because I love these names. The t's in both names aren't ideal but Thomas Leighton would be gorgeous!
    Brooklyn Henry - Posh and Becks. Brooklyn is all girl in North America now.
    Marley Thomas - Marley Cyrus? No.
    Ruben William - same problem as Justin William (same sound at the end)
    Rocco Lewis - sounds like a boxer
    Frankie Jay - sounds like a pop star and not in a good way. Too cutesy for a mature man.
    Jayse Thomas - Terrible spelling.
    Brodie John - Clunky. Don't like the trendy Brodie.
    I totally agree with you mischa on every name.

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    I like/love:
    Tucker Isaac - Tucker is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I love it but I'm not sure I would ever actually use it.
    Leo Benjamin - LOVE
    Joseph Alexander
    Charles Joseph
    Patrick Joseph
    Cian Oliver
    Ronan James
    Noah Geoffrey - I love Noah, but Game Of Thrones's Joffrey ruined Geoffrey/Joffrey for me. It's ok in the middle spot, though!
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    I like Cian Oliver a lot, and Ronan James is cool too. Definitely my two favorites and the only two I could see in my own possibilities list. Leo Benjamin and Logan Scott (maybe a different MN though) might tie for third place for me.
    My least favorites would be Jayse Thomas, Mason Lee, Marley Thomas, Brooklyn Henry and Leighton Thomas (I actually like Thomas quite a bit, just not Jayse/Marley/Leighton that you have going along with them). Don't like those ones at all.
    The others would range in the middle there somewhere, though none of them would really be my 'style'/personal preference.
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