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    I'm liking Bram, Ruben, and Lars for boys and Lotte, Lieke, and Fenna for girls.
    Always changing...
    Alberta Olwen - Sigrid Ylva - Edwina Hester - Ragna Fae - Abelone Frida
    Ragnar - Sergius - Eideard - Fergus - Edgar - Severin/Severus - Gregor - Reuben

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    Quote Originally Posted by amandaberry View Post
    Question, how would you pronounce Eva in Dutch? Would it be EE-va, AYE-va, or EH-va?
    I pronounce it Eh-va, but it sort of depends which part of the country you're in..

    Quote Originally Posted by tanyamb View Post
    How do you pronounce Lieke? It looks pretty

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