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    Isaac and Nikki Hanson welcome daughter

    Isaac and Nikki Hanson have welcomed their 3rd child a daughter named

    Nina Odette

    Nina joins older siblings Clarke Everett and James Monroe (both who go by their middle name).
    She'll also be welcomed by a large group of cousins. Zac and Kate Hanson have 3 children - Shepard, Junia, and Abraham. Taylor and Natalie Hanson have 5 children - Ezra, Penelope, River, Viggo, and Wilhelmina.

    Wonder if any of the clan will be as musically successful as the brothers?

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    The Black Swan fan in me loves this name! It's pretty on it's own, but I have a very Russian, swan-like image in my mind.
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    Black Swan was the first thing that came to my mind as well. It's a nice name. I prefer Odile to Odette though.
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    Was Odette not the name of character in Swan Lake, too?
    Very much "swan ballet"-inspired, wow.

    I think it's a sweet combo, though!
    I love Hanson
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    All of those children are wonderfully named.

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