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Thread: Stephanie

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    I have always liked this name - what do you think of it? Too dated?
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    It's dated for sure. But Idk, there would be something kind of refreshing about seeing a Stephanie pop up among the Sophias and Avas and even the Alices and Violets.

    Also it'll probably come back around eventually and then your kid will be super cutting edge. :-)
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    Not a fan of Stephanie, sorry. I don't even mind that it is dated, I just don't like the sound of it. I think it is the "nee" ending. Most names with that ending irk me. Melanie, Tiffany and so on.
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    It will recycle eventually.
    Planning for baby... TTC... Big name lover and will ask a lot of questions about names!

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    I've always liked Stephanie, it's very cute imo.
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